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Mobile Applications?

As mobile applications continue to gain in popularity, businesses are presented with a very serious question.  Do we need a mobile application?  Per ComScore, Digital Media usage has increased 26% for tablets (small form factors), 99% on Smartphones and decreased 8% on Desktops in the past 3 years.

I know what you are thinking.  “We have a responsive website that people can use, so we are covered for mobile already, right?”  Not exactly.  Here are some interesting statistics that I have come across while scouring the internet to find answers to this question…

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PanoramExampleOne of the coolest design elements of a Windows Phone application is the parallax effect that uses the background image to make the content pop out at the user.  You probably won’t believe this, but yes, Microsoft had one of the coolest design concepts in their mobile platform before even Apple.  Apple is just getting this effect in iOS 7.  Over 2 years after Microsoft introduced it in Windows Phone 7.

Okay, so we have gone over how to use Metro Studio, by SyncFusion,  to create splash screens, Metro Studio, Part 1 – Splash Screen, and icons/tiles, Metro Studio, Part 2 – Icons and Tiles.  Now, let’s use the parallax effect in our application.  The best part is that it is already built into the controls that come with the Windows Phone SDK.  It is called the Panorama control and allows us to easily set a property defining the background image that it uses.

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