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RecycleBinRemember back in the good old days when things were running slow, you could go to your recycle bin on your desktop and delete files permanently in hopes that it would help performance?  Well, with Windows 8.1, unless you have it setup to go directly to the desktop on startup (see my posts on Windows 8.1 Tips and Tricks:  How to boot to desktop and Windows 8 Tip #4 – Pin Any File to Start Screen), you need to go to your Start Screen, click on the desktop tile, then double click on the Recycle Bin.  Geez, that seems like a lot of work.

Truthfully, unless you like to manage your Recycle Bin regularly, you probably only do it once every month or so.  Maybe even less often.  However, if you are a Recycle Bin Junky (tee hee), you might want a quicker way to access it, say, through the Start Screen, via a tile.  I mean, isn’t there a simple way to do this and still do most of my work in Metro?  Well, yes, slightly.  It is actually really easy to setup.  Let’s take a look. Read more