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So, I was enjoying a wonderful browsing session on my Windows 8 machine after a long day at work, when my 7 year old stopped over and asked about a person that was on the screen.  I said, “What person?”  He pointed to the surfer in my ESPN reader on Windows 8, “that one.”  My jaw hit the counter top.

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SeriousMediumSo, it has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog?  Why?  Well … I have been extremely busy, as most of you are, and I truthfully have been lazy!  Well, kind of … you see, I really want to start blogging more.  More about family, more about work, more about my faith and, of course, more about cool stuff that I hear about, stumble upon or have been directed too from other friends, colleagues and/or other blogs/RSS feeds.

So, again, I am going to try to keep more up to date on posts.  Even if they are small ones … I hope to get more content out there.

This leads me to the topic … Marketing Self.  You see, the motivation for doing a blog is the number of people actually willing to read them.  If nobody reads them, then there is no motivation to write them.   If nobody provides feedback or shares your blog with other people, what is the point?  One shares in hopes that somebody will get something out of it!

In an effort to Market Self, my blog, as well as, my Facebook, and Twitter accounts … I am going to start making posts and referring to them on Facebook and twitter.  This is an attempt to get more people reading the blogs.  Hence, hoping to impact people in a positive way.

As I just mentioned, the hope of impacting someone in a positive way, is the main motivation to this blog.  However, there is argument that it takes, time, some people don’t care and well … honestly, the amount of negative responses that one puts themselves into a position to receive can be mentally and emotionally challenging.

What is my response to that?  Well … I guess I will have to try to start the elephant moving, which is the easy part.  It is getting the elephant to stop that is difficult.  I guess if I can impact one person positively, it might be worth all the effort.

So, I guess this is the start of a new endeavor.  Hopefully, you will all find something useful on this blog.  Something that will make your life easier, shed some light into things you were thinking about and just plain give you something more when you leave then when you came.

Finally … go ahead and add me to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts … Edyg023

I hope you have a fantastic day!

God Bless … Ed