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Below are examples of application designs that I have worked on with a few of the employers and clients I have had the blessing of working with in the past few years.

AirProducts Pipe Pigout (In the Windows Store)


This app is designed to calculate the nitrogen volume and the time needed to purge or to “pig” a pipeline based on the operating parameters you enter. To use, select your pipeline’s fluid type and enter your project’s information. Then, the app can calculate the volume, flow rate and pressure suitable to push your pig and complete the purge or displacement. You can name the calculation and save it on your mobile device. You can also instantly e-mail this information to the Air Products APEX Services team to initiate a discussion about your project with our experienced professionals, enabling you to efficiently order services that can meet your needs.

AirProducts Gas Converter (In the Windows Store)


This app converts weight and volume measures for nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, helium, and carbon dioxide, as well as liquefied natural gas (LNG). When converting between liquid and gaseous units, the converter accounts for the unique properties of each gas, particularly molecular weight and density. For LNG, it converts flow rates, including Diesel Gallon Equivalent (DGE), and allows the user to specify the values for molecular weight, heating value, density, onstream days per year, and DGE Btu/gal. Default values are for pure methane.

AirProducts Moby (In iOS store)

This app lets AirProduct’s staff and drivers coordinate driving stops for delivery/pickup of their products.

Ed Glogowski the App (In the Windows Store)


Who is Ed Glogowski?  Ed is a Senior Software Consultant who is passionate about Technology.  Ed Glogowski the App is a Windows 8 application that uses the beautiful design of Windows 8 to give you a great reading experience of all of Ed’s blog posts.  Download it now!

Project Timeline – Starkey Labs (Internal)


The project Timeline application was written in Silverlight.  It utilized SharePoint list data to populate a timeline used by the business to analyze and forecast internal projects.

InspireLive – Starkey Labs (Concepts)


These were just concepts to an online fitting system that never materialized for business reasons.  However, it was a fun project to work on for them.

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