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“Ed is that rare breed of programmer that also has an eye for design. His passion for the new Modern look of Microsoft and this combination of talent yields a rare individual whose enthusiastic approach to User Experience goes beyond the look and feel and extends in to the code. Not only can he make it look good, he can make it work as well. His constant desire to learn from his peers while also taking opportunities to educate make him an asset to any team he’s on; his creative talent makes him a necessity. I welcome any opportunity I have to work with Ed, and consider those who have and will lucky.”

— Brandon Hurlburt, Mobile Solutions Architect, ITR Mobility, worked directly with Ed at ITR Mobility

“Ed is a forward-thinking software developer with deep knowledge of the software development life cycle. During his time at NRT Web Services, Ed not only exceeded expectations as a web developer, he was viewed by his peers as a creative leader. He constantly explored new and inventive ways to improve the overall user experience on the sites he developed and supported. He kept current with new technologies and innovation. From a management perspective, Ed was invaluable because he could communicate how a new module could be integrated into an existing system without compromising the underlying framework or functionality. He had the ability to take a complex topic and explain it to his peers or management in a way that was easily understood. Ed is good natured and regularly contributes to the overall positive workplace environment. Also, he is well respected by management as well as his team mates.”

— Matt Reichow, Web Development Manager, NRT Web Services, managed Ed indirectly at Realogy

“Ed and I worked together on numerous projects at NRT Web Services. Ed is a very detailed-oriented developer who is very passionate about innovation and technology. Ed is always trying to create ideas that will take the business to the next level and can envision the big picture. Ed did a great job on the projects we worked on together and was always viewed as a leader.”

— Tim Abbs, Senior Web Developer, NRT Web Services, worked directly with Ed at Realogy

“I have worked with Ed at Analyst International and Realogy.(NRT Webservices). Ed is very passionate about his work. His innovative ideas and technical solutions to the real life problem make him unique. He is very hard working and a team builder hence I highly recommend him.”

— Sanjeev Varade, Software Developer, NRT Web Services, worked directly with Ed at Realogy

“Ed and I worked together on different projects at NRT. During the period Ed was fun person to work with. He is not only understands the new technology, he also motivates his team members. He knows how to make project success. He is very serious about his profession and always finds the solutions to the issues. He is a pleasant individual to work for and is always willing to listen to options when confronted with a challenge. His work is one that you can be sure is done with a high level of professionalism. I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to work with Ed again in the future.”

— Mohammed Osman Gani, Quality Assurance Analyst, Realogy, worked with Ed at Realogy

“As a software developer myself I find Ed the type of developer that most of us desire to work with. He is very creative and able to go outside of the box when coming up with solutions. Ed is a very driven individual and is always seeking to work with and get familar with the newest technologies. In my humble opinion he is what every developement team wants on there project.”

— Jason Barringer, Web Developer, Realogy, worked directly with Ed at Realogy

“Regarding work ethic, Ed completes his work quickly and with the highest quality. On more than one occasion, Ed was given total responsibility for developing critical components to our systems and each time he delivered total quality solutions. From initial analysis through final delivery, Ed worked with various technical staff on user requirements analysis, data modeling, task definition and estimation, and overall project management. Ed was outstanding at determining the scope and timing of what we needed to accomplish. Ed also performed technical reviews of many components, determining the architectural approach, and managing and/or directing the necessary resources to accomplish the plan he developed. He does an outstanding job on every aspect of the projects he manages or is involved in. Ed’s business acumen came across very strong in client communications. Ed understands that IT is the enabler for the organization, and how the client uses that enabler is their decision. Many projects we were involved in had an extremely tight budget, as well as technical constraints on how much we could change. When items were very technically complex and costly, Ed never just said “no”. He always gave the client all the information: cost, timeline, technical constraints, etc. He then explained it in a very client friendly way that allowed everyone to understand the full implications. By implementing this process, fact-based decisions were made quickly, and the project progressed on schedule and on budget. Ed is also very flexible when decisions were made that didn’t fit the plan. His re-planning and coordination is exceptional.”

— Kevin Kunz, Senior Manager Database systems, Realogy Corp., managed Ed indirectly at Realogy

“Ed is an excellent addition to any team. He has a great deal of experience and knowledge that is valuable to any organization. He has a passion to drive results, build teams and complete the job with the highest quality. Ed is a great guy to work with and highly recommend him!!”

— Troy Schmidt, Consultant/Staff Manager, Born, managed Ed at Born Consulting


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