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Windows 8 Tip #5 – Quick Access Menu

StopwatchAmerica is addicted to fast.  Quick access to there phone numbers, quick access to food (think fast food restaurants), quick access to files, TV…the list is endless.  Well, today’s Windows 8 tip will give you two quick ways to pull up the quick access menu built into Windows.  It gives you quick access to the Device Manager, Power Options, File Explorer, Disk Management, Run, Task Manager, etc.  So, to satisfy all you quick access junkies, here are a couple of ways using both a Mouse and a Keyboard.


For those who like to keep their hand on the mouse, the first thing you do is drag it to the bottom left hand corner of the screen.


Now right click.


Bang!  Your menu.  Pretty quick access huh?


Now, for those you avoid touching mice all together, wait for it … wait for it … Win + X.  Done!

If you want to edit what you see in this menu, there is a utility you can use called Win+X Menu Editor.

Hope you enjoyed this tip.  Come back again soon and learn more awesome tips and tricks for Windows!

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