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Windows Mobile 6.5 … good step or waste of time?

imageAs most of you know … over the last few years … Microsoft has taken a beating for it’s OS, Vista.  Though this operating system was an improvement from previous versions, meaning it had features and functionality that consumers requested most … it lacked quite a bit of hardware support.  Hence, setting itself up for attacks from all angles.  FYI … Microsoft still owns a huge, monopoly, percentage of the OS market.  Nobody really comes close.

Let’s move to the Windows Mobile OS arena.  What?  Windows is on a cell phone?  Yes.  Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1 were the previous versions of their mobile operating system.  Needless to say, those versions, while very powerful, had many issues that again created a huge target on the back of Microsoft.  Things like, battery life, outdated user interface, etc., caused people to move to a better experience.  aka iPhone.

The iPhone has revolutionized the mobile phone market.  Well, sort of … at least from a user interface perspective.  If people were to look at the iPhone and an old WM 6.1 or WM 6.1 phone, the clear winner would be the iPhone.  Well, that is if you were just looking at a phone to play with … meaning, listen to music, make calls, text, surf the web and add on third party applications from their app store  However, if you were going to run your business from the iPhone and you had been using Windows products, servers and services … the iPhone fell short in many areas.  So, needless to say, people were very interested in the iPhone because it was cool … and disinterested in the Windows Mobile phone because it wasn’t … cool.

In hopes to move closer to a better, more attractive, or should I say, “cool” mobile OS … Microsoft has released Windows Mobile 6.5.  Is this the iPhone killer?  Absolutely not … but, what it is is a means for Microsoft to slow down the popularity of the iPhone and in essence, relay the message to Microsoft and Non-Microsoft users that they are coming … be prepared.

In hopes to help lead the charge, I thought I would include the video that I found on the site, Slash Gear.  It is reviewing one of the 30 phones that will be released at the end of this year with Windows Mobile 6.5.  Notice the great user interface that was built on the top of Windows Mobile 6.5 and all the functionality available thru the new mobile OS.  Watch the video below…

As you can see, pretty impressive.  Great step Microsoft!  I want to go out and purchase this phone … but … read below ….

Do you want to know what is even more exciting?  Microsoft is working hard to release their Windows Mobile 7.0 mobile OS early next year.  This is a complete rework of the OS which will surely be a huge blow to Apples iPhone!  Again, look for that early spring 2010.

So, has Windows Mobile 6.5 been a good step for Microsoft or a waste of time?  Well, there are two sides to every coin.  One side says, “Stop wasting time and get a product out the door that will “blow away” the competition.”  The other side of the coin says, “Hey, we have to do something or we will become too far behind to ever catch up.”  Microsoft has their hands in so many cookie jars, that it is hard to to focus in on any one thing.  So, I guess it is a flip of the coin for now, but … 2010 will be a huge year for Microsoft.  The hard work to get Windows 7 right this time around will pay off … they will be releasing a new windows mobile 7 OS … they will be releasing Microsoft Office 2010 … Microsoft Office Live Apps (the free online versons of their office suite) … a revolutionary “controller-free” based add-on to their XBox 360 called project Natal … new Windows Live services … new online application stores … new retail stores … a whole new set of developer tools … oh, and you can bet that their will be more secrets revealed as the year moves forward.

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