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ESPN …. really? Thanks.

So, I was enjoying a wonderful browsing session on my Windows 8 machine after a long day at work, when my 7 year old stopped over and asked about a person that was on the screen.  I said, “What person?”  He pointed to the surfer in my ESPN reader on Windows 8, “that one.”  My jaw hit the counter top.

Now, to make this more fun, I am going to give you a screen shot of the application.  You can see if you can find what my 7 year old son found.  Here is the screen shot:


Screenshot (2)


Just in case you couldn’t figure it out for yourself … here is the articles main screen:

Screenshot (3)

So, what do you think?  Appropriate for the general audience?  How about for a 7 year old?  If you care, which I admit you might not, maybe send out a tweet to @espn or ask them to figure out a way to keep parents posted when there is an inappropriate article for the younger eyes on their ESPN website.

Now, I must go and figure out how to explain what the guy is doing … “and no son, he is not picking his nose.”


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