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Windows 10 Tips – Snap Assist

Windows ShotsHey, welcome back to another Windows 10 Shots blog post.  I hope you read my last post, Windows 10 Tips – Where Are My Files?

I have mentioned in previous posts, with most shots, after about a handful, things will start to get a little hazy.  But, with Windows 10 Shots (this new series of posts), the hope would be that the opposite would happen.  That clarity and insight into the highly anticipated release would free your mind to great new features and power of Windows 10.

Every once in a while, do you run across something that makes you scratch your head?  Well, for me, there is something that actually comes up more than you would expect.  Users of Windows 10, or even Windows 8, who have never learned how to snap applications.  As I walk by cubes at various clients, it always makes me laugh when I see someone trying to position multiple windows next to each other.

Snapping windows around has been around for a while, but in Windows 10, you get a really cool new feature called Snap Assist.  It is simple, but really useful.


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