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Windows 8.1 Update 1: Reading View

imageIf you are an avid web surfer and you have a Windows 8 tablet, you are going to love this new feature in Windows 8.1 Update 1.  IE11 has now been updated to include a reading view mode.  Though you probably won’t use this as much on the desktop, you will love using it on the tablet.  Instead of scrolling up and down, reading view will reformat the website to view using left to right scrolling.  This is especially nice when you are trying to read really long articles and you want to remove the clutter.  Check it out.

First, open up Internet Explorer and go to a favorite website of yours.

Notice if you scroll right now, it is up and down.  However, if you look down and the end of your address line, you will see a Read button.


Select the Read button and see what happens.  After pressing my Read button, this is what I get:

Wow.  Try scrolling left to right.  Works great!!  Here is an example of an article from The New Your Times before Reading Mode: