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Windows 8.1 Tips & Tricks: Name those tile groups!!!


So, I was talking to someone the other day about Windows 8.1 and how amazing it really is to work with in all of my environments.  They mentioned that the one thing they wish they could do is organize their start screen and have it be more functional like their old desktop.  I nearly fell off of my seat.  Uh, more functional like the desktop?   It didn’t take long for me to convince him that the new start screen is by far more useful than the old desktop.  For example, to really organize your desktop icons, you needed to move them around and place them into groups. Or use a third party tool.  You would also have to rename them so that you could actually understand what they were.  Not only were they hard to read, but very hard to use on a touch screen.  Add moving them around on multiple monitors and resolutions, yikes!!  If I think about how terrible the old desktop was, I might start having nightmares again.  So, I will stop there.

I started to talk more about live tiles,  moving one or more icons with semantic zoom and resizing them.  He already knew about all of that, but I happened to notice that he had a variety of large and small groups, but I couldn’t figure out what they represented for him.  So, I asked him why he didn’t name his groups.  He said, “I hadn’t even thought of that.”

So, today, I thought I would give you a quick tip on naming the groups of tiles you have on your start screen.

To get started, bring up your start screen and go to a group of tiles.


Right click on any tile (or use your finger and hold down) in the group and you will see that it automatically goes into customization mode.  You will notice that on the top of the tile group, there is an edit box for the name of the group.


Go ahead and type in a descriptive name for your group.  In my case, I will use a naming convention that another geek friend of mine showed me that I have taken fancy to … “.social”  When you are finished typing in the name, simply click (or touch) anything on the start screen other than another tile.  Now your group is named.


Pretty nice way to organize your groups of tiles.  Take that desktop!!!

Hope you enjoyed the post.  Share it with someone you think needs some start screen organization.


Which geek friend? He sounds awesome!

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