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Windows 8.1 Tips and Tricks: Wow, those are big tiles!

imageWindows 8.1.  Wow.  Some really great changes from Windows 8.  Wow.  I mean, look at that Start screen.   Wow, it is beautiful.  Isn’t it?  Those tiles just pop out and give you so much information.  Wow.  I don’t even have to open up half of my applications anymore.  Wow, just look at how much more information you can get by just looking at your screen.   Did, the old desktop give that much information (without widgets of course)?  Wow, it is amazing.

So, you love the “Wow” factor of Windows 8 as well?  What is that?  You want more “Wow”?  Well, the great thing is that in Windows 8.1, you can get even larger tiles for even more information!!  And “Wow”.

Okay, enough with the “Wow”s for a while and let’s see how we can make a tile larger.  First thing to note is that an application has to support the larger tile format.  Let’s take a look at one that does.

Go to your Start screen by pressing your Windows key.  You will notice on my start screen, I have a tile for the Sports application that comes with Windows 8.1.

SportsMediumTile  SportsMediumTile2

Now, let’s right-click on the Sports application live tile.  you will see the tile as selected and command bar slide up from the bottom of the screen.


From here select Resize from the command bar and select Large from the menu.


Wow, wow wow!  Look at the size of that Tile!!!!


Obviously, you can change your tiles to be small, medium, wide and large depending on the application and the information you want to show on your Start screen.  For those of you who don’t like the start screen, Don’t use it!  But I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to…look at how beautiful it looks.  It provides all the functionality of your desktop and more!!  Yahooo!!

Hope this little tip will help you experience even more of a “Wow” factor that come with Windows 8!!  Have fun!


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