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godHow many times have you asked this question:  God, are you there?  Okay, outside of the fact that this is the most important question you can ask, I doubt that is what you actually wanted to read about (however, if you are interested in that topic, feel free to ping me and I would love to discuss it).  I bet you were reading this post to see if God was built into Windows 8.  No?  Well, the truth is, the awesome “God Mode” feature in Windows 7 is still accessible in Windows 8.

For those of you who don’t know what “God Mode” is, let me explain.  You see, Windows is simple, but yet very complex (kind of like God).  It only exposes a handful of the many features it actually has available to configure Windows 8 to do almost anything you want it to do.  Problem?  Well, the settings are scattered all over the OS, so finding them can be a chore.  If only I had infinite knowledge to find any setting at anytime.

Solution?  Be God.  Okay, not an easy task.  Hmm, second option…what if there was just one place you could see all the options (well, at least most of them)?  Then you could really get Windows 8 setup the way you want.

ENTER:  God Mode!  There just happens to be an old trick that allows you to see these settings all in one place.  It really isn’t a mode, but more of a list of settings.  Let’s get started and I will show you what I mean.

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AllAppsAs Windows 8 continues to gain more traction, I thought that I would start a small collection of posts on the topic of Windows 8 Tips.  If you are starting to use Windows 8 or even a seasoned veteran, you may have the need to look for an application you have installed that you haven’t pinned to your cool new start screen.  There are a number of ways to bring up all of your installed apps via mouse, touch and keyboard.

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