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Archive for May, 2009

Are you unique!  Probably.  But, what if you could represent yourself in a really unique way digitally.  Or online?  You might say to yourself, “I can, just look at my avatar on MSN messenger.”  Yeah … okay … but, what if you could take that one step further? 

So, check out this site?


What is it about?


Here is mine!



What can it do?  Dude and dudettes … you have to try it out for yourselves … but briefly … it allows you to add more and more pictures and stuff for people to rotate thru to find out more about it!  A must try!

Here is the link …

As a designer/developer … sometimes it is beneficial to explore other forms of design and expression.  So, I ran across a cool site that shows descriptions of cutting-edge products, materials and decorating concepts all organized by category!  Pretty cool stuff. 

Sometimes you can look at the design of a closet and see an organizational pattern that can be used in a UI design for the web.  Anyway … enjoy looking at page after page of neat stuff .. like this cool light … think of a 3D menu object with sides that fly out when you go over them …


Check out the site …