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Archive for April, 2009

So … I was thinking the other day … how much of what we force on our kids actually works to help define their personalities?  Are actions stronger than words?  Does the apple fall very far from the tree?  Well … to top it off … I stumbled upon the following cartoon that made me laugh …

Well … if you want a cool site for things like this, although, some are a little vulgar at times, here you go …

imageOne of the coolest art forms I have ever seen.  I love art.  I like to draw and paint, but this is shear genius.  Here is an example of what Ilana Yahav can do with sand on a light box.  What the video and see how her art lives …

Here is her site …

Also, if you do a search for Ilana Yahav on YouTube you will find all of your video clips!  Here is the search link for YouTube…

All I can say is wow … very cool!

… well, this might be a common ground.  Google has a research project which allows you to look at a days worth of news in a small but simple grid (column) interface, called the Google News Timeline.  So, for someone like me, who doesn’t have time, or really the desire, to read all the news each day … at least I can go to this site and get the gist of what is going on in the world so I can sound like I do read up on current affairs.


Ever see one of those mosaic pictures that as you look closer it is made up of another picture?  If you thought that was cool … wait until you see this … an infinite mosaic made of pictures submitted to national geographic. 

Here is snapshot of how it works … you move the yellow box over the area that you want to zoo into and then click the left mouse button!


It will then zoom into that area …. however, you will now see all the images that make up that area ….


Keep clicking and you eventually get to a new picture … just keep zooming … see how far you can get … you will be on the site for a while …




I think it is cool how the zoom area is the National Geographic logo … Really really cool site … try it out!!