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imageWell, I think that Spring is officially here.  This last weekend was great!  I actually had the opportunity to dig out the hammock that was stored over this last, very chilly winter, and just lay out and swing.  It was great … I was actually able to stream a TV signal, play games and listen to XM radio on my Pocket PC phone, while I was laying in my hammock around 8:30 p.m. last night.  I had a blanket on and was just chillin thinkin about how cool technology was when it was combined with nature.  Uh, yeah … kind of a geek I guess, but maybe a hybrid geek.  🙂
Anyway, I am so excited that the weather is changing as I think I might have been in a little depressive funk the last couple of months.  Partially since I haven’t really been able to get out of the house much but for work.  I am so used to playing sports 3-5 times a week, but since I have started a family, basically I am lucky if I get any kind of workout 2 times a week.  Oh well, the rewards are probably greater, but, to be honest, it has been hard to have the energy without being in shape.   You just plain and simple don’t have the strength or the stress relief without both.  So, I will have to figure something out in that respect.
I hope that someone, someday starts reading these blog entries and actually responds.  Of course, if I don’t have time to workout, how am I going to have time to comment on, let alone, keep this blogging up!  🙂

imageWell … Spring seems to be here … so, a great test … having a grill out!!  Having the family over tonight to grill out.  Brats and Dogs, potato salad, coleslaw and baked beans … yum … sure sounds like Spring to me!!

Well, the weather is startng to change to be more like spring.  So, I had this idea that I would start working outside.  Uh, 3 hours later … I found myself standing with my chain saw, sweating and looking up at a 7 ft pile of buckthorn!  Holy cow.  That stuff grows like crazy.  Even crazier…the other 8 old piles of buckthorn that were cleared out in the previous years.  Yikes … smores anyone? 

Diet Time Baby!

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imageWell … with the summer fastly approaching … the weather changing … it is time to get back in shape and lose all the weight that I have added on since my hip surgery.  This is a very hard thing for me since i love to eat … especially socially. 
Besides … I am going on a lot of vacations this year.  Yahooo!!!  Breezy Point … Orlando … maybe Texas … Wisconsin Dells …
We just had out 3rd Annual Men’s NCAA Final Four party.  I think that it was pretty succesful … about 15-17 people … great food … and the games were decent.  First year all 4 #1 seeds were in the final four.  The team I picked from day 1 of the season is in the finals!  Yes!  Gooooooooo Memphis!
I was also able to get a door re-hung and a new garage door opener installed this weekend.   Oh yeah, and finished some remainder tiling work.  Nice weekend!
Now I am back to the grind for another week … hmmm … what projects can I get done this week?  Or start!  🙂

New Start

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SeriousMediumWell, I thought I would start my first blog.  I use Facebook too, but I think I like how organized Live Spaces is … we will try it out.  The goal is to try to get all my friends to use this site as well.  Not sure it connects people as well as Facebook.  But, we will have to see.